Mario Brothers Construction & Electric - Lic. 943779 B, C10
We at Mario Brothers Construction pride ourselves on being well versed in all phases of remodeling. From drawing the plans to the acquisition of the permits to framing the walls, running the pipes and electrical wires, all the way to the finished product. You can rely on the skilled professionals at Mario Brothers Construction to complete your project with integrity and leave you with a beautiful remodel that you will enjoy for decades to come. 

The  electricians at Mario Brothers are skilled and equipped with all of the tools, resources and know how to handle all of your electrical needs. Whether it's a small repair, a complete rewire or service upgrade we will complete your project safely and efficiently. Some jobs require specific connectors or color-coded pin terminals. No matter what the electrical project is or what type of connector is needed, the electricians at Mario Brothers have the expertise and the supplies it takes to get the job done.
 Hot tub spa installations are one of our specialties at Mario Brothers Construction Inc.  Spas / hot tubs that use 240V only in their operating systems will generally be wired with a three-wire 240V run. But keep in mind that many spa manufacturers will use a four-wire system. Just let your technician know which spa(s) you are considering and the Mario Brothers technician will make the necessary calculations to provide you with a free estimate for your electrical work. 

Cabinet replacement, repairs, and refacing is a great way to beautify and add value to you home. Some homeowners want a complete remodel while others prefer a less obtrusive approach like refacing. Either way Mario Brothers will walk you through the design process and help you design a new look with great new features that you will love. 

One might think that a complete remodel is required to add features like soft closing drawers or pull outs for pots and pans, however these type of convenience features are just a few of the things that Mario Brothers Consruction can do as part of a kitchen reface, repair, alteration or partial remodel which typically costs just a fraction of  full remodel. 

Motorized and retractable screens can enhance your living environment and add beauty, functionality and convenience you your home. Outdoor/indoor environments are becoming increasingly popular. Retractable screens make San Diego's beautiful weather even more enjoyable by blocking glare and eliminating pests so that outdoor parties can be comfortable and relaxing. With motorized applications we can eliminate the need for cranks and cords providing a clean and uncluttered atmosphere. 

Motorized shades also lend themselves to indoor environments. Draperies can be expensive and difficult to keep clean and take up floor space which makes some rooms appear smaller. Motorized shades provide all of the same features as draperies plus more. Motorized shades can provide privacy and darkness and still allow  the user to enjoy the view without any cords tracks or dust collecting fabric.

Thank you for taking the time to review our home page. Please browse the rest of our website for design ideas and contact us for a consultation on how Mario Brothers Constriction Inc can help you make your home more beautiful, convenient and enjoyable.