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     Mario Brother offers a wide range of electrical services. Electricians are on call to perform all residential services from service upgrades to the simplest electrical repairs. Whether your job requires careful technical evaluations or just a simple rewire our electricians and their superior know how will surely satisfy your electrical needs. 

     Electrical services such as ceiling fan installations, adding or removing switches and receptacles, installing 220 volt and 240 volt circuits for large appliances are all a snap for the electricians at Mario Brothers Construction Inc. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly residential electrical services and repairs. If you are looking to find an electrician you have come to the right place. Let us give you a free electrical quote! Electricians are standing by to answer your calls.

Trouble shooting is one of the most common challenges that electricians face. Electrical trouble-
shooting requires specialized equipment and years of experience. You can count on the Mario Brothers electricians to diagnose and repair your problem quickly and effectively.  


The appropriate hardware is also a quintessential part of good electrical work. Properly installed electrical boxes, strain relievers, cable connectors, and wire staples are all part of safe installation of electrical devices. 

      When running cords and cables to several different pieces of electrical equipment, contractors can run into problems with straining, which can impact the functionality of the cables and devices. From strain created by the weight of electrical cords on sensitive connections, to the strain on the cable created from installations that require it to hang, strain can be a real problem when running electrical wiring. Home owners can rely on Mario Brothers electricians to provide safe and clean installation of you electrical devices
        Installation of your hot tub spa is a specialty at Mario Brothers Construction. We would be happy to give you a free estimate on your spa installation. The links below have wiring diagrams and installation instructions for most popular spas that are currently available from your local dealers. It is important to let your electrician know which spa you are considering so that the proper calculations can be made in determining its electrical needs. In many cases alterations to your main panel are necessary to make it ready to power your new spa. During your free estimate our technician will help you understand your choices and give you an estimate that will include all of the necessary work to properly power your spa.

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